Free Printable
Bumper Sticker
And T-shirt Design!

Fellow Democrats, do you want a bumper sticker that will:
  • Be quickly and easily replaced if stolen?
  • Be cheap enough to afford, even in a Bush economy?
  • Annoy the bejesus out of every Rightard on the road?
  • Still make a MAJOR statement, even if Bu$hCo hijacks another election?

Then this bumper sticker, inspired by freeway bloggers, is for you! Simply click on the image above and then right-click on the BIG image after it loads, to save it to your hard drive. Then just print it on bumper sticker paper (readily available at office supply stores that carry computer paper, stationery, and sticker paper).

Cheaper alternative: Print it on regular paper, and just tape over it neatly with clear shipping tape to apply to your bumper. That's all there is to it!

"But I'm afraid to leave my car parked anywhere, with an anti-Bush sticker on it," you may protest.

Don't worry, if you live in one of these "free speech zones" where you don't dare express yourself, here are some ways to protect your property from "compassionate conservatives":

  • Instead of making a bumper sticker, just print the image on paper and put it in your car window while you're on the road. Remove it when you park, and put it back when you leave.
  • Use T-shirt decal paper from your office supply store, to make this image into a T-shirt. (Be sure to print a mirror image of it on the decal!) Very few Repukes have the guts to confront you face-to-face in a violent manner.
There are other fun uses for this wonderful image, too! Just reduce the size of the image before printing, and:
  • Make bookmarks for your local library's books by authors like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. DO NOT check these books out in your name; just leave these little gifts for the next right-wing library patron to find. Tuck one in each of the library's copies of magazines like Time or Newsweek. Though it's not technically illegal, don't get caught doing this, because it won't make the library staff happy...!
  • Another idea for the bookmarks: Print several and "accidentally" drop one in areas where it will very likely be seen: A public restroom, a newsstand (near political or financial magazines, of course!), a shopping mall corridor, in a literature display, a department store dressing room...use your imagination! A Rightard will throw it away in anger, but you've still made your point!
  • Make adhesive labels with labelmaking software and self-stick label paper. Tempting as it may be, DO NOT apply these to other people's stuff, as that would be defacing property. But you CAN put them on YOUR on letters you write to your least-favorite political pundits!
Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to use my design, or maybe even create a few designs of your own. Do whatever it takes to get the message out, and express our DEMOCRAT PRIDE!

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